Princess Luna


Around three years ago, when I made the Rose Lolita outfit, I was also still into Cosplay.  And ponies…  I got hooked on the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and when I was introduced to the character, Princess Luna, I KNEW I needed to make a cosplay of her.

I started with some images that I pasted together using Photoshop, all the while thinking of her personality and the things she might have experienced.  It ended up looking something like this:


Once I had my design down, I found a pattern and fabric to work with.  I lucked out because the Joanns near me had just donated some of their fabric to Goodwill and it was CHEAP.  Once I had everything together, I started sewing. And sewing… and sewing.  Till I got this!



Once again, it was the lovely Amie who supplied the expertise with her camera to get these shots.  You can visit her website here:

Overall, I’m really happy with how it came out.  Even if I’m still finding glitter in random places!  ❤


Lolita of the Roses

Hey all!

About thee years ago I was into the Lolita scene.  I was so inspired by the fabulously frilly dresses that I had to make my own.  It has about 30 yards worth of ruffled lace on it, handmade ribbon roses that I bought on Etsy, and a lot of pink.  There is a huge bow in the back and I made the beaded flower crown and necklace myself too.  Sadly, I only have this one picture of me wearing it.  It was taken by the lovely Amie, a professional photographer I can’t say enough good things about.  Her website is here:


Faeries Everywhere!

Normally I would not post stuff as sketchy as this, but I consider these to be finished pieces that I absolutely love.  I was first inspired by a friend picking a tarot card, the Star.  I started wondering what a star faery costume would look like. So I drew it and colored it in colored pencils.  Then I started to draw more.  The flower one is inspired by a rose Lolita dress I made a long time ago, and the dark one is inspired by some wings I made a while back.  I would love to make these.  Maybe I could even make some for other people and get a group going!  What do you think?  ❤