So… An unfortunate thing happened yesterday.  I leaned on my ironing board and one of the legs bent, rendering the item near useless.  This makes me sad since I use this thing for so many projects.  It also serves as a reminder of how little money I have to replace it.  That means that I won’t get to make as much stuff and post it here.

I’ve been thinking about my problem of lack of money for a while now and I need a solution.  I opened up an online store here, and plan on going to some flea markets to sell some of my excess stuff.  However, I wonder if there is more I can do without getting completely over my head.  Perhaps a donation button?  Patreon?  Craft fairs?  I’m not sure what I should try next, but I know I need to try something.  This lack of money stuff is extremely limiting and frustrating. Universe!  Please help!  Send me some money so I can continue to make awesome magical stuff!




Hello friends!  You may have noticed some slight changes to the blog.  I am going through a transition and it will be influencing what I do on the internet and in my personal life as well.

You see, I have gotten very bored of trying to keep everything so static and “clean” and kind of official-like.  I thought I needed a generic portfolio like many artists I see.  But I’m over that.

I want to show the world(you guys) my real self, the self I love to be.  It’s messy, and clean, and fun, and wacky, and full of magic, and learning, and light, and just a little bit off center.  My journey in this life is constantly changing and evolving and I have no idea where it will lead me.  And you, my friends, are part of it.  Or, I’m part of yours!  Either way, I hope you will join me as I explore and grow.  Here!  Have some art to celebrate!  The quote on it is something my friend R.L. said once and it stuck with me.  I made this with markers on regular drawing paper.  I hope you like it!


Who are you?

This was a marker drawing I did in my sketchbook.  I had a strange thought in my head for a while before I made it and thought the lantern would go perfectly.  I used to do this often in college.  I would think or hear words, and pair an image to go with them.  They were kind of fun.  ❤

Please do not reproduce or take without my permission.