So… An unfortunate thing happened yesterday.  I leaned on my ironing board and one of the legs bent, rendering the item near useless.  This makes me sad since I use this thing for so many projects.  It also serves as a reminder of how little money I have to replace it.  That means that I won’t get to make as much stuff and post it here.

I’ve been thinking about my problem of lack of money for a while now and I need a solution.  I opened up an online store here, and plan on going to some flea markets to sell some of my excess stuff.  However, I wonder if there is more I can do without getting completely over my head.  Perhaps a donation button?  Patreon?  Craft fairs?  I’m not sure what I should try next, but I know I need to try something.  This lack of money stuff is extremely limiting and frustrating. Universe!  Please help!  Send me some money so I can continue to make awesome magical stuff!



Ocean Themed Quill

Hello all!  I was recently asked to participate on Building the Magic!  It’s a blog that encourages and helps to create magic, especially in the lives and experiences of people who LARP, do theater, go to renaissance fairs, or just want more magic in their lives.  The creator believes that details matter in this sort of thing.  So when she asked me to share some of my knowledge and also to bring magic to more of the world, how could I resist?

I decided to make another magical quill.  She recently made a tutorial for a “leather” bound journal and I thought this would be a perfect companion.  You can read the tutorial for the quill here.

Here is a picture of the finished product:


And yes! It really works!

Stay tuned for more artsy posts and maybe even links to more tutorials.  ❤

Faeries Everywhere!

Normally I would not post stuff as sketchy as this, but I consider these to be finished pieces that I absolutely love.  I was first inspired by a friend picking a tarot card, the Star.  I started wondering what a star faery costume would look like. So I drew it and colored it in colored pencils.  Then I started to draw more.  The flower one is inspired by a rose Lolita dress I made a long time ago, and the dark one is inspired by some wings I made a while back.  I would love to make these.  Maybe I could even make some for other people and get a group going!  What do you think?  ❤

Old is Made New

I found an old filing cabinet in the shed out back.  I needed one, but didn’t have the money to get a new one. So I decided to use this one.  It had some dirt and grime that I cleaned up, and a little rust on the top.  Once I started spray painting, though, it looks great!  It’s currently not finished, but here are some in progress pictures for you!  This is after one coat of primer, once coat of base color, and some stenciled patterns in white colored pencil.  After I finish coloring them in with paint or other media I am going to spray a clear coat to protect it.  ❤