Splashy Jewels

I have always loved the movie, Splash. The necklace that Daryl Hannah wears is beautiful! This is my own version, inspired by it. ❤



Magic Dance – collage

A collage I made at least a year ago when I was very into Belly Dance.  ❤



Ocean Themed Quill

Hello all!  I was recently asked to participate on Building the Magic!  It’s a blog that encourages and helps to create magic, especially in the lives and experiences of people who LARP, do theater, go to renaissance fairs, or just want more magic in their lives.  The creator believes that details matter in this sort of thing.  So when she asked me to share some of my knowledge and also to bring magic to more of the world, how could I resist?

I decided to make another magical quill.  She recently made a tutorial for a “leather” bound journal and I thought this would be a perfect companion.  You can read the tutorial for the quill here.

Here is a picture of the finished product:


And yes! It really works!

Stay tuned for more artsy posts and maybe even links to more tutorials.  ❤

Princess Luna


Around three years ago, when I made the Rose Lolita outfit, I was also still into Cosplay.  And ponies…  I got hooked on the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and when I was introduced to the character, Princess Luna, I KNEW I needed to make a cosplay of her.

I started with some images that I pasted together using Photoshop, all the while thinking of her personality and the things she might have experienced.  It ended up looking something like this:


Once I had my design down, I found a pattern and fabric to work with.  I lucked out because the Joanns near me had just donated some of their fabric to Goodwill and it was CHEAP.  Once I had everything together, I started sewing. And sewing… and sewing.  Till I got this!



Once again, it was the lovely Amie who supplied the expertise with her camera to get these shots.  You can visit her website here: http://www.photographybyamiee.com/

Overall, I’m really happy with how it came out.  Even if I’m still finding glitter in random places!  ❤

Lolita of the Roses

Hey all!

About thee years ago I was into the Lolita scene.  I was so inspired by the fabulously frilly dresses that I had to make my own.  It has about 30 yards worth of ruffled lace on it, handmade ribbon roses that I bought on Etsy, and a lot of pink.  There is a huge bow in the back and I made the beaded flower crown and necklace myself too.  Sadly, I only have this one picture of me wearing it.  It was taken by the lovely Amie, a professional photographer I can’t say enough good things about.  Her website is here: http://www.photographybyamiee.com/