Inner Reaching

When I go to Goodwill I look for canvases that I can use to practice my painting on.  I was given some gesso as a gift(thank you R.L.!) and I just use it to cover the old painting.  Recently I found a canvas that had been preprinted that was 30″ by 38″ and I instantly knew what I wanted to put on it.  So I bought it and brought it home.  It is a good and common practice to create “rough drafts” of art before one starts on the actual product, so I made this!  I have not yet started on the actual painting but this collage helped me to find the feeling and the image I was going for.  My next step is to do thumbnails of my image to find the color scheme I want to use.  After that I can go to work on the canvas.  I can’t wait!  ❤



Lotus on wood

Another lotus.  This was painted on wood with craft paint to replace the top of a jewelry box I found at Goodwill.  ❤



When I was in high school I would make art to reflect how I was feeling or inner struggles.  As I began my journey back to art almost a year ago, I struggled with a lot of blockages.  I was dealing with a lot of emotions and felt unable to process them.  After feeling intense frustration at my lack of artistic creativity  or skill, I suddenly got this image in my head.  I dove into my watercolors and attempted to create what I saw.  I think I got pretty close!  What do you think the different colors mean?  The gesture of the hand?  The “rope”?  Do you ever feel the same way as I did when I made this piece?  ❤