A very dear friend of mine passed away yesterday.  His name was Nomti.  He was a 17 year old Siamese cat with diabetes who loved popcorn.  He would always sleep with me when I lived with some friends of mine, who were his owners.  And even though he didn’t technically belong to me, I always felt that there was a special connection between us.  He was my buddy.  I loved him so much that I still have yet to stop crying.  Here is some art I was inspired to make in his memory.

Rest in peace Nomti.  ❤


I <3 Mermaids

Good morning friends!  I wanted to show you another piece of art I did.  This version was finished many years ago.  I love mermaids so much!

Drawn with pencil, then inked, then colored with markers, then played around in Photoshop.  I love her hair and her tail and the little fishes!  I wish I had done a color test first though. I don’t think it came together as well as it did in my head.



I guess this is a banner/self portrait thingy

Hello again friends!  I wanted to share with you an image I made today.  I was inspired  by someone named Katwise.  I love her art and wacky self and the banner she has on her site.  So I made one of my own!  In my last post I mentioned that life for me is changing, and so will my art.  This is a direct result.  It’s fun, right?  I love it!



Hello friends!  You may have noticed some slight changes to the blog.  I am going through a transition and it will be influencing what I do on the internet and in my personal life as well.

You see, I have gotten very bored of trying to keep everything so static and “clean” and kind of official-like.  I thought I needed a generic portfolio like many artists I see.  But I’m over that.

I want to show the world(you guys) my real self, the self I love to be.  It’s messy, and clean, and fun, and wacky, and full of magic, and learning, and light, and just a little bit off center.  My journey in this life is constantly changing and evolving and I have no idea where it will lead me.  And you, my friends, are part of it.  Or, I’m part of yours!  Either way, I hope you will join me as I explore and grow.  Here!  Have some art to celebrate!  The quote on it is something my friend R.L. said once and it stuck with me.  I made this with markers on regular drawing paper.  I hope you like it!


Inner Reaching

When I go to Goodwill I look for canvases that I can use to practice my painting on.  I was given some gesso as a gift(thank you R.L.!) and I just use it to cover the old painting.  Recently I found a canvas that had been preprinted that was 30″ by 38″ and I instantly knew what I wanted to put on it.  So I bought it and brought it home.  It is a good and common practice to create “rough drafts” of art before one starts on the actual product, so I made this!  I have not yet started on the actual painting but this collage helped me to find the feeling and the image I was going for.  My next step is to do thumbnails of my image to find the color scheme I want to use.  After that I can go to work on the canvas.  I can’t wait!  ❤



When I was in high school I would make art to reflect how I was feeling or inner struggles.  As I began my journey back to art almost a year ago, I struggled with a lot of blockages.  I was dealing with a lot of emotions and felt unable to process them.  After feeling intense frustration at my lack of artistic creativity  or skill, I suddenly got this image in my head.  I dove into my watercolors and attempted to create what I saw.  I think I got pretty close!  What do you think the different colors mean?  The gesture of the hand?  The “rope”?  Do you ever feel the same way as I did when I made this piece?  ❤